What is Far Out Football?

Far Out Football Clinics are designed to get your child moving through physically active with loads of fun and laughs along the way. Football themed games and activities that focus on sportsmanship, inclusion and having a go, are the order of the 2 day program with loads of prizes and giveaways thrown in. Games such as Dizzy Penalties, Top Bins Wins, Agility Challenge, Football Bowling (to name a few) ensure plenty of far out fun and action. No Football experience is necessary for enrolment in this clinic, its simply all about participation and fun! Lunch and water is provided on both days and the cost includes a funky jersey that's yours to keep.

Why Football?

Football is played and watched the world over. It brings people together and makes them feel connected through a shared interest. Playing football fosters a love of the game that can stem a lifetime and reach far beyond your playing years.  

As the world’s most participated in sport, football is so much more than the game with the round ball. Football is completely inclusive and does not discriminate. It provides the opportunity to be part of a team sport regardless of your age, ability, gender, race, religion or background. Whether you have never played before or are a professional, the rules of the game, the equipment required to play and the size of the fields you play on are always the same. 

Football is fun, challenging and exciting. It teaches cooperation, teamwork, problem solving and helps develop social skills and self-confidence, boosts self-esteem, as well as teaching respect for others. There are many health benefits to playing football including the physical - building strength, improving muscle tone, increasing flexibility, aerobic fitness and endurance not to mention the mental benefits - friendships that are formed and the comradery that develops between teammates, as well as life lessons in winning and losing.

Whether you are new to the game, an experienced player or like to play for fun there are many opportunities you can partake in within the Hills District.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost?

The cost of the Far Out Football Clinic is $150

What is included?

Lunch both days of the clinic is provided along with water and fruit. Children will also be given a funky jersey that is theirs to keep.

What time does it run?

All of our holiday clinics operate from 9am - 3pm and are over a 2 day period. Drop off in the morning is from 8.30am.

Where is the Clinic?

Bernie Mullane Fields on the synthetic pitch, located in Kellyville

My child is sick or injured, can i get a refund?

In the event that your child is sick or injured when the clinic you have paid for takes place, you will need to provide a medical certificate before a full refund will be provided.

What ages can participate?

Children aged 5 - 13 year olds are able to register for our holiday clinic programs. 

What is the lunch that is included?

Hills Football will provide a healthy lunch consisting of wraps with a selection of filings such as chicken, ham, salad etc as well as fruit and water. We can cater for vegetarians, gluten free, allergies etc. When registering please ensure to outline any dietary requirements in that section of the form. If you would prefer to pack your own child's lunch that is not an issue. 

What does my child bring?

All participants will need to bring boots or sneakers, shin pads (if they have them), a refillable water bottle, hat and sunscreen. They will also need to bring morning tea.

What does my child wear?

Anything they are comfortable in. They will receive their jersey upon registration the first day which they can change into. 

Can my child participate if they haven't played before?

Of course, this holiday clinic doesn't require any previous experience with football. Its all about participation, fun and sportsmanship. 

Contact Us

For more information regarding The Hills Football Holiday Clinics, fill out the form below or contact Dan on 0455 142 591 or dan.sheppard@hillsfootball.com.au.